Closed book exam

Preparing for closed book law exams

Closed book exams are becoming more common. There’s a simple way to study for closed book law exams to ensure you score the highest grade possible!

Choosing a law degree

Choosing the right university for law

So many law schools in Australia – how do you choose the best university to study at, and more importantly, the best university for you? A post for those people just starting to consider their law school options.

cheap and expensive law school fees

The cheapest and most expensive law degrees in Australia

How much does a law degree cost in Australia? We’ve collected the data from every law school in the country, calculated the tuition fees and then ranked them from the cheapest to the most expensive. Where does your university rank?

law school money

How much does a law degree really cost?

Law tuition fees are pretty expensive these days, but that’s not even the half of it! Figure out what other costs you should be including when you’re looking to apply for law school.