law school money

How much does a law degree really cost?

Law tuition fees are pretty expensive these days, but that’s not even the half of it! Figure out what other costs you should be including when you’re looking to apply for law school.

starting a law student blog

Starting a law student blog

A simple guide to starting a law student blog. Build your personal brand or network with other lawyers, it’s super easy to get started.

free exam notes and summaries to use

Free law student exam notes

Exam notes, exam summaries or study notes – whatever you call them, they are the savior of law students. Thanks to the …

AGLC referencing for law students is scary

Quick guide to AGLC

Referencing at law school, and the tyranny of the Australian Guide to Legal Citation¬†(AGLC, or AGLC3 for the 3rd edition) rules, keeps …