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mid tier law firms in Australia

Mid tier law firms in Australia

This is a comprehensive list of mid tier law firms in Australia. For clerkship and graduate job applications, the more you apply for, the …

top tier and mid tier law firms

Differences between top tier, mid tier and boutique law firms

There is one important reason why you should know the differences between top tier, mid tier and boutique law firms: you can find all the firms that other students won’t be applying to. Oh, and it’s also good to understand the structure of the Australian legal market.

law clerkships 2015

Legal clerkships 2015

This post collates relevant information for clerkships in 2015. Here you will find the clerkship guidelines for each state and some other resources where you can continue your research.

learn commercial awareness

Commercial awareness for law students

In a nutshell, commercial awareness is being able to think commercially about a particular situation. It’s important for law students to develop this skill before you all start in your graduate jobs.