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List of top tier firms in Australia

Top tier law firms in Australia

The top tiers! The purpose of this post is simple; to provide you with a list of all top tier and upper mid tier law firms in Australia, so that you can get straight down to researching them for your clerkship or graduate job applications.

top tier and mid tier law firms

Differences between top tier, mid tier and boutique law firms

There is one important reason why you should know the differences between top tier, mid tier and boutique law firms: you can find all the firms that other students won’t be applying to. Oh, and it’s also good to understand the structure of the Australian legal market.

Study an online law degree in Australia

The best online law degrees in Australia

So what do online law degrees offer? This post is a starting point for your research into these programs, and will hopefully provide some useful information to help you decide whether an online law degree is for you.

law school scholarships

Law school scholarships in Australia

Law school scholarships for Australian law students. A variety of legal scholarships worth between $100 and $5,000 that everyone can apply to. Great for paying bills and building your resume.

law blog list

The best law blogs in Australia

This is a comprehensive list of the best law blogs in Australia. It includes everything from law student and barrister blogs to resource sites for junior lawyers. It is also updated frequently, so you will only find blogs that are alive and well, rather than a list of sites that haven’t been updated for years!