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Applying for clerkships is a daunting and exhausting process. Make sure you read Legal clerkships: what are they, and why are they important? before you begin, which explains the process and exactly what you need to know to put yourself in the best position possible (this is information will be relevant throughout your law degree).

This post, Legal clerkships 2015, collates relevant information for 2015. Here you will find the clerkship guidelines for each state and some other resources where you can continue your research.

Seasonal clerkship guidelines for 2015

law clerkships 2015

Australian Capital Territory

There is no guidelines for the ACT, but many of the larger firms follow the NSW program.

New South Wales

The Law Society of New South Wales organises the clerkship process. See the graduate employment and summer clerkship program here.

  • 17 June – 19 July 2015: clerkship applications open and close
  • 17 August 2015: clerkship interviews begin
  • 25 September 2015: clerkship offers made


The Queensland Law Society prepares the graduate employment and vacation clerkship guidelines for their state.

  • 2 March – 23 March 2015: clerkship applications open and close
  • 11 May 2015: clerkship offers made

South Australia

The Law Society of South Australia runs the clerkship referral service, however, this does not appear to be widely used by SA law firms. See individual law firms for their clerkship program dates.


The Law Institute of Victoria sets the dates for both clerkships and graduate/traineeship offers. See their traineeship and seasonal clerkship guidelines here.

  • 13 July – 16 August 2015: clerkship applications open and close
  • 10am, 13 October 2015 – clerkship offers made

Western Australia

A number of Western Australian law schools works with the Young Lawyers Committee of the Law Society of Western Australia to suggest vacation clerk and graduate recruitment dates for law firms to follow.

  • 20 July – 7 August 2015: clerkship applications open and close
  • 23 September 2015: clerkship offers made

As always, double check the firm webpage to confirm dates.

Also, remember that many firms, particularly small to medium sized firms, do not follow these guidelines – these firms will have their own timelines, so you’ll need to do a bit of research.

Other resources

If you want to find out more about applying for clerkships, take a look at some of the Whirlpool threads that pop up each year under the graduate program subforum. You can find out what grades and extracurricular activities other students have who are also applying, as well as tips on coverletters and resumes. Just remember that Whirlpool is an anonymous forum, so apply a liberal amount of common sense and skepticism to the more outrageous comments.

The Whirlpool thread for 2015 New South Wales clerkships is here.

This is the Whirlpool thread for Western Australia for 2015, and this is the one for clerkships in Victoria.

There is also a Reddit page on clerkships and grad positions for 2015 here.

[Note: The information in this post used to be in Legal clerkships: what are they, and why are they important? I’ve moved it all here so that the website can be structured easily in 2016 and beyond. It’s now November and clerkship process is over; I hope you did as well as you imagined, and that you’ve found the information on You’ve Entered Law Land helpful. All the best, Will.]

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