List of Australian Law Schools

Here is a list of Australian law schools and their rankings.

How many law schools are there in Australia?

In total, there are 37 Australian law schools, with a further two accredited non-university law courses.

This law school list is intended as a convenient source of information for prospective law students, and includes:

  • the QS World University Rankings for law (if there is a ranking);
  • whether it is a G08 university; and
  • common acronyms, where applicable.

New Zealand law schools are also included at the bottom (which, I note, all have QS World University Rankings).

Click on the university name to be directed to its webpage (a new window will open).

law school rank

Australian law schools listed by state

Australian Capital Territory

New South Wales

Northern Territory


South Australia



The Council of Legal Education and the Victorian Law Admissions Board have the role of accrediting universities to provide legal education in Victoria.

Western Australia

New Zealand law schools

That’s a lot of law schools

There are lots of Australian law schools – make of that what you will!

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