Mid tier law firms in Australia

This is a comprehensive list of mid tier law firms in Australia. For clerkship and graduate job applications, the more you apply for, the better your chances are to succeed! To this end, I have also included lots of medium sized law firms for you to research.

There is a particular focus on mid tier law firms in Sydney and Melbourne as these are the biggest legal hubs in Australia.

The Australian law firm list series

For this series of posts, I’m trying to keep it simple. There are four parts:

  1. top tier and upper tier firms are here;
  2. international law firms firms;
  3. boutique firms will come as soon as I can find some time; and
  4. for all small firms, check your law society directories, or consult Google.
mid tier law firms in Australia
Clerkships are like castles; you don’t know what sort of castle you want – you just know that everything about them sounds awesome and you need one.

Clerkships at mid tier law firms

Finding the right firm to apply for is a bit like trying to find the right castle to buy.

You have never bought a castle before and you don’t really know what you’re meant to be looking for, other than the fact that it will be big. You don’t understand why everyone is talking about having a butler’s pantry and cellar, but they sound good and now you want them.

For law students, it’s OK to enter the clerkship season without having a broad understanding of the Australian legal industry. And you don’t need to have clear and concrete goals for what you are going to do when you graduate.

If this sounds like you, then it’s time to start think about these issues. You can start by reading the following two posts:

Mid tier law firm clerkship
Sometimes you will just need to settle for a crappy castle. Don’t despair – employment opportunities open up when you have a few years of experience under your belt.

Mid tier law firms in Australia listed by state

The mid tier law space in the Australian legal industry is bigger than most law students realise. I was one of those students who only applied to the firms that advertised at university – pretty much the top tiers and a few mid tiers. I had absolutely no idea how many other firms were out there!

You’re already a step ahead of where I was (and realistically, 80% of other law students). If you take this list and make a serious effort to apply for as many clerkships as you can, I would be very surprised if you didn’t end up with a handful of offers.

New South Wales

Mid tier law firms in Sydney

Medium sized law firms in NSW


Mid tier law firms in Melbourne

Medium sized law firms in Victoria

Note: there are other regional and small law firms listed in the LIV clerkship and traineeship guidelines.

Western Australia

Mid tier and medium sized law firms in Perth

(Note: Until I’ve got my other page going, I’ll just list the international firms here too. Hopefully this helps!)


Mid tier and medium sized law firms in Brisbane

South Australia

Mid tier and medium sized law firms in Adelaide

Any that I’ve missed out?

If there are any mid tier or medium sized law firms that I’ve missed out, let me know. I’m not too sure what would fall into this category in some states, so I’d appreciate any tips.

If you work at a law firm that should be on this list, please send me an email at will [at] youveenteredlawand.com. Let me know roughly how many lawyers work there, and what type of opportunities there are for law students. For example, are there paid clerkship or graduate programs available?

If any firm would like to be removed from this list, or if you’re particularly aggrieved at the “category” it has been listed in, email me at will [at] youveenteredlawland.com.

If you found this helpful, please share it around!


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