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law student holiday

Why you should study during the holidays

Is it worth studying during your holidays to get a head start on your next semester? I think so; a small investment at this stage will cut down your workload in the next semester, help you hit the ground running, and prevent you from falling behind.

tips for note taking at law school

Note taking at law school

Note taking at university can take many forms – you can use a pen and paper, tablet or laptop. I recommend you try as many formats as possible, but you must understand why you’re taking notes (and it’s not to scribble down every word the lecturer says).

top tier and mid tier law firms

Differences between top tier, mid tier and boutique law firms

There is one important reason why you should know the differences between top tier, mid tier and boutique law firms: you can find all the firms that other students won’t be applying to. Oh, and it’s also good to understand the structure of the Australian legal market.

dennis denuto defamation

The Dennis Denuto defamation case

The Dennis Denuto defamation case is both hilarious and sad. Hilarious because the court actually needed to list out what calling someone Dennis Denuto means, and sad because of the personal circumstances of the parties. A link to the case is inside.

Practical elective subject for law students

Preparing for a High Court appeal as an elective subject

Choosing elective subjects can be tricky; do I want relevant electives to make my job applications seem relevant, or do I just want easy ones so that I don’t have to work very hard for the last few months of my degree? It’s a difficult question that many law students ask themselves. Here is an interesting elective that a group of Monash law students chose in their final year.

Commercial awareness topics

Commercial awareness topics for 2015

A variety of interesting and recent topics to choose from to hone your commercial awareness skills! Incredibly important for law students, especially those who have an interview lined up for a clerkship or graduate law job.

law clerkships 2015

Legal clerkships 2015

This post collates relevant information for clerkships in 2015. Here you will find the clerkship guidelines for each state and some other resources where you can continue your research.

Study an online law degree in Australia

The best online law degrees in Australia

So what do online law degrees offer? This post is a starting point for your research into these programs, and will hopefully provide some useful information to help you decide whether an online law degree is for you.

learn commercial awareness

Commercial awareness for law students

In a nutshell, commercial awareness is being able to think commercially about a particular situation. It’s important for law students to develop this skill before you all start in your graduate jobs.

One easy way to improve your exam technique

Using a simple timer during your exams will improve your exam technique and your scores; it will keep you on track during the exam and give you an edge over other students. It’s so simple, but almost no one does it properly.