Prepare for law school

prepare for law school

There’s a lot of great information about law school on You’ve Entered Law Land – I hope you find it useful!

Here are some key posts for those who are preparing for law school.

What’s the best uni to go to?

Choosing the right university for law – This post outlines the different things that you should think about when trying to find the best university to study law. Here’s a hint: choose the university that best suits your needs!

What do I do to prepare?

How to prepare for law school – Discover the most important thing you should be doing before you start! There’s a lot of bad advice out there for those people who have accepted a place in a law degree. This is a no-nonsense post on what you should be doing to make the most of those last few months before your make the jump.

I don’t know anything about law school!

The best law blogs in Australia – You can learn a lot about law school (and the legal industry) just by reading about other peoples’ experiences. Take a look at some other Australian law student blogs and legal websites.  If you’re still deciding whether or not to apply to university, then y could find some help and support here. If you’re already studying, then this may give you different ideas on what type of work you want to do when you finish.

What do law firms actually do?

Differences between top tier, mid tier and boutique law firms – This post looks at the differences between top tier, mid tier, boutique and small firms. The objective is to provide you with relevant information so that you can apply for a wide range of clerkship and paralegal positions during your degree.

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