The best law blogs in Australia

This is a comprehensive list of the top law blogs in Australia. Hopefully this will be a useful resource for everyone seeking information and commentary on the legal industry in Australia (or at the very least, a useful resource for procrastinating law students)!

As this is primarily a law student blog, we will start the blog list with those; look a little further down to find other amazing Australian law blogs of more general interest.

Law student blogs

The law student blog – there are simply not enough of these in Australia, but I think I have managed to find most of them!

I would love to see more blogs based around a student’s experiences at law school. Perhaps I’ll write a post one day about how easy it is to create a blog (and talk about some of the advantages that you can get from running one). Google it in the mean time if you are interested.

  • Survive Law – Probably Australia’s most popular law student blog. Short and frequent posts make it very addictive and a particularly effective way to procrastinate when you don’t want to study. The College of Law has recently started running the site, so hopefully they keep up the great work.
  • The [Pre]Lawyer in Black – This is a fantastic law student blog, covering practical tips for studying, insights into current legal topics and a few case summaries thrown in for good measure. If anyone is considering starting their own blog, take a look at this one first!
  • Law Graduate in Pink – A junior lawyer’s blog aimed at law students, graduates and other junior lawyers. Wish I found out about this one earlier – great blog!
  • The Law Student Diary – A second year law student and great writer. A little bit of everything, on law school and more (including some great free printables).
  • Melissartlaw – A fifth year law student with a background in the art industry (and many other creative industries it seems). Covers a range of legal topics.
  • LawAnswers – There’s a blog on this site, but the most interesting section for law students will be the forum. You’ll find a whole range of different legal issues to think about here, and there’s even a section for law student questions!

Just as a completely shameless plug, if you’re a current law student, you might be interested in our post on the differences between top tier, mid tier and boutique law firms, or learning about what legal clerkships are, and why they’re importantOpen them in a new tab while you browse the rest of the list!

law blog list

Top legal blogs

The top legal blogs in Australia.

  • Beyond Law – This is primarily a job search website for law students, graduates and junior lawyers (which is great), but it also has a lot of other information and a blog as well!
  • Bucket Orange – A boutique legal magazine for young Australian lawyers and legal professionals. A variety of posts on the lighter side of law – great website too, definitely worth a read.
  • New Lawyer Language – Interesting website covering a wide range of legal topics with a focus on maintaining health and sanity while practicing law. The monthly interviews of lawyers (or ex-lawyers) keeps me checking in regularly.
  • KatGallow – Kate Galloway is a lecturer at James Cook University and her blog focuses on property law, feminist legal theory and more. Interesting stuff.
  • Skeptic Lawyer – Amazing commentary on contemporary issues, though doesn’t appear that related to the law anymore. Perhaps it never was. A lot of the posts go over my head, but if I had more time (or was far more intelligent) I would follow this site more closely.
  • After Salazar – While I don’t agree with the author that all commercial lawyers are supremely unhappy and horrible (I really like corporate law, and I think I’m a pretty nice person!), this is a fantastic blog. He has also started a fortnightly podcast which I hope keeps going.

Barrister blogs

The barrister blog – great marketing for barristers and a great resource for law students.

  • Naked Counsel: law life and laughter – “Don’t kill the lawyers, some might be human.” OK, so law students are probably not going to learn much here, but it’s an entertaining blog nonetheless!
  • A Barrister’s Blog – A blog by Paul Cutler on the more amusing moments in law.
  • The Australian Professional Liability Blog – Stephen Warne writes widely on professional liability, with a particular focus on matters in VCAT.
  • The Civil Lawyer – A blog by commercial barrister Andrew Downie.
  • Barnold Law – Bruce Arnold, Law Professor and consultant commentating on a wide range of legal issues.
  • Paul Duggan – A blog by Paul Duggan providing case notes and more.
  • The Blue Bag – A blog by Paul Hogan covering topics of interest for solicitors (and therefore, an excellent resource for law students).

Niche legal blogs

There are a lot of great niche blogs out there focusing on a particular area of law. If there are any more that you are aware of please let me know.

  • The Corporate Fail – An amazing site on corporate crime and misconduct in Australia. The Melbourne lawyer publishes fortnightly commentary on recent events in the “news” section of the site.
  • Castan Centre for Human Rights Law Blog – An excellent forum for the discussion of human rights topics. The blog has a variety of authors commenting on topical issues – a resource that everyone should visit.
  • Michele Davis – A blog on succession and property law from a Queensland wife, mum and lawyer!
  • Patentology – All about intellectual property by a very passionate patent attorney.
  • Australian Alternative Resolution Research Network – The academics behind the ADR Research Network blog are doing a great job of building awareness of this area of law. This should be of general interest for all, and especially for any students taking a dispute resolution elective.
  • Australian Gay and Lesbian Law Blog – Stephen Page, a Brisbane lawyer, discusses legal issues facing the LGBTI community.
  • Law and Religion Australia – Neil Foster provides a legal and Christian perspective on various issues affecting religion in Australia today. I probably disagree with most of the blog, but the thorough and reasoned posts are well worth a read. Nothing like a little religion to get people feeling argumentative!
  • Australian Emergency Law – Talking about niche sites, Michael Eburn is the author of the only text on Emergency Law in Australia, and maintains this blog to continue the discussion. on developing issues.

Australian law school blogs

Most Australian universities will have a law school blog that students run or contribute to. They tend to be serious blogs which consider current legal issues or cases, so look elsewhere if you are after law school memes.

  • The Blog – A team of editors and students at the University of New South Wales keep this blog very active, with a variety of satirical, informative and education articles. Great work.
  • How To Law Blog – The Deakin LSS run this blog series. The topics covered so far are perfect for students in the first year or so of their degree, so head over and take a look if that’s you!
  • Opinions on High – Melbourne University.
  • Constitutional Critique – University of Sydney.

You can find our list of Australian law schools here. Take a look to see whether the university you are studying at or thinking about applying to has a blog.

Law firm blogs

Law firms are increasingly using blogs to discuss issues within their areas of expertise. This is great news for law students, as it provides further information on the different areas of law we are interested in. I’ve selected a few firms to show you what kind of information is being offered – use this as a starting point, there are lots more out there.

  • Go To Court Lawyers – If you’re interested in criminal law then take a look at the Go To Court legal blog. For law students, the commentary on current legal events, including legal analysis, is great!
  • Harper Finch Lawyers – Along with the great name, this firm has a great blog focusing almost exclusively on traffic and drink driving offences.

International law student blogs

I think we can all learn something from the law school journey. Here’s a few up and coming international law student blogs.

  • The Filipino Law Student – Kim’s an incoming 1L at Ateneo Law School in the Philippines. Already some great content up here, and I think there will be more to come from this blog!

International legal blogs

Looking for some sarcastic comments and critical attitudes towards law schools and the legal industry in general? Look no further!

International legal news websites

I have found the following websites useful for providing information on abroad range of topics relating to law (great for building your commercial awareness). I probably only check in once every few weeks, but there is always something relevant and interesting to read.

  • New York Times DealBook – This is a fantastic resource for building your commercial awareness skills regarding global events. Great articles regarding the world economy, and with some focus on America.
  • Legal Business – A UK based website with a lot of focus on the magic and silver circle law firms.
  • The Global Legal Post – Legal news website generally focusing on the large UK and USA law firms.

Blogs on the side

With Google and SEO playing such a large role in the success or failure of businesses today, it’s no wonder that many include a blog on the side for the world to read. I’ve generally avoided putting these links up because many aren’t that relevant for law students, but as this list evolves I have decided to link a few of the best.

Note that I have never used any of these services and don’t endorse any of them – they are only included here because they have something to offer in their complimentary blogs.

  • The Beyond Billables blog – Short and interesting blog posts by two ex-lawyers, and now legal recruiters and (it seems) entrepreneurs. These backgrounds/experiences make for some insightful posts, and ones which I think would be helpful for current law students.
  • Legal Vision posts – If you’re ever stuck with a practical legal question during law school and have typed it into Google you have probably found something by Legal Vision. This place is great for explaining legal issues in an easy to understand way.
  • Tips for lawyers – Chris Hargreaves provides an interesting blog covering legal skills (rather than the black letter law) for junior lawyers and law students. Lots of short and easily digestible posts here to take a look through.

Blog heaven

Please come back!

Unfortunately, the following websites and blogs haven’t been updated in the last year, or have been taken down. I’ve left the list of names here in the hope that one day they will return!

  • Black Letter.
  • LegalHatchling – A legal website to help law students and graduates learn about the industry. Some great content, including a number of interviews with practicing lawyers.
  • LookMumImALawyer – I’ve got no idea whether this is an Australian site or not, but it’s hilarious so I’m just going to add it here…
  • Law Geek Down Under – A review of cases in the High Court of Australia.
  • Social Media in Legal Education (SMILE) – A blog by four academics looking at the use of social media and how it can be used in legal education. While the primary audience is other legal academics, they have kept it accessible and interesting for all. Definitely worth checking out.
  • Daily Lawyer Tips

Submit your website

If you run a legal blog – not just a legal website offering services for a fee – and you would like to include it in this list, please email will (at) with “legal website submission” in the subject.

As long as your blog is updated relatively frequently and relevant to an Australian law student (which may include industry blogs – but no guarantee), I would be happy to include it!

If you found this helpful, please share it around!


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